The volcano that mess my life

Dark cloud in Madrid - Photo: Melissa Becker

Passangers sleeping on check-in - Photo: Melissa Becker


* From Madrid

I’m one of many people who are facing problems with flights disruption provoked by the volcano in Iceland. I arrived from Buenos Aires this Sat in Madrid, around 13h30min, and my connection to Gatwick Airport, in London, would be at 15h. Of course, as it was happening since the day before, all flights to UK and other countries on north of Europe were cancelled, as the ash continues to spread (check on BBC’s website).

In Madrid, there was a dark cloud during all afternoon, even when it’s sunny. Wonder if is this the ashes (never thought a volcano can mess my plans!). ** UPDATE: It was just a dark cloud, said me a taxi driver.

The earliest flight I could book is on next Sunday – no, not this weekend, Sunday next week, April 25th. As I’m spending this night in Barajas, Madrid’s airport (barely sleeped one hour, I guess), I sent a short report to Zero Hora. Right now, this is the website’s headline, which emphasizes the expenses I will have on seven days, as the flight companies and my insurance don’t cover them when caused by natural phenomenons. 

Headline on Zero Hora's website

Haven’t meet yet people from my state here. I tried (not hardly, must confess) to find some airport’s PR, but the press room was being used by Ryanair’s costumers who want to change their flights etc.

Train could be an option to leave Madrid sooner, but it’d be very expensive. For now, my decision is waiting for my “earliest” flight, as I couldn’t see a better and not so expensive alternative.

... or sleeping on the ground - Photo: Melissa Becker

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