A post by me on Talk About Local

A little bit about my experience on Talk About Local

The very kind Talk About Local‘s staff invited me to write about my experience with a hyperlocal supplement in my city, Porto Alegre. The post was published today. I must thank William, Nicky and Mike for the opportunity. Soon, I hope to post something about Talk About Local here.

Café ZH, a newscafe in Porto Alegre


Quadrinhos na capa

Nesta capa do ZH Zona Sul, a história em quadrinhos foi um recurso usado para tornar um assunto importante, porém recorrente nas páginas do caderno, mais atrativo: a duplicação de um trecho da Avenida Diário de Notícias, prometida há mais de ano. A arte é de Gabriel Renner, com roteiro de André Mags – confira … Continue reading

Sobre crowdsourcing

  Texto originalmente publicado no Blog do Editor, em zerohora.com   “Na segunda-feira, o Blog do ZH Zona Sul publicou o post Que obra é essa?, relativo a uma obra iniciada ao lado da ciclovia da Diário de Notícias, na zona sul da Capital, pedindo a ajuda dos leitores para desvendar o mistério. No final … Continue reading

Lots of local news, one map

Finally I add a Google Maps on Blog do ZH Zona Sul. It’s about some traffic interruptions for the instalation of drainpipes on South Zone streets, which will lasts until 2010. The works happen in almost 15 places at same time, in different roads and different periods of time – so the map is updated … Continue reading

ZH Zona Sul on Twitter

Since June, ZH Zona Sul has an account on Twitter: http://twitter.com/zhzonasul At this moment, we have more than 100 followers. Another neighbourhood supplement should have its Twitter account soon, as a tool to be nearer the readers.  We tweet about: – New posts on its blog – Every Friday, a reminder about the supplement publication – Retweet … Continue reading


I translated to Portuguese this post: Why online communities attract trolls, by Shane Richmond, Communities Editor of Telegraph.co.uk. It’s a very interesting text about people who ‘mess’ attempts at debate with their comments and how to handle with this. Impossible to erradicate. I translated this post to our ZH Zona Sul’s bloggers, citizens who aren’t used to … Continue reading

A new cultural centre

  A community group in South Zone did an agreement with the government to use one of these buildings as a cultural centre. They are closed for two years and now population can use this area again. This report was in the ZH Zona Sul’s front page (May 22nd 2009), with a text written by … Continue reading

Now is weekly

  One of the oldest neighbourhood’s supplements at Zero Hora, ZH Zona Sul now is published weekly. The most interesting is that, as the people who lives there love this region (and I lived there until I was 24), they are very collaborative! We received lots of e-mails with ideas, observations about bad things, great sunset … Continue reading

Queue at the cinema

A prosaical post about queues at a new cinema here in Porto Alegre and its different system to sell tickets is the most accessed in Blog do ZH Zona Sul (for while). The blog was launched on February 6th, 2009, and we’d never hit 2.300 views before. This post – by a member of our Bloggers’ Council, who is a 72 years-old … Continue reading


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