Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires (Argentina), September, 2011. Camera: Lomo Action Sampler - Photos: Melissa Becker

What’s more difficult: dance a tango or take good shots of people dancing? I love photos from concerts, shows and plays, and I’ve done some concerts (here and here, for example). However, since university I know I have to improve my skills in order to have a bigger variety of great shots in these cases … Continue reading

Trams | Bondes

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, March 2010

I’ve been thinking about doing thematic posts for a while. This article on The Guardian about the Manchester’s trams – “the UK’s most successful” – reminded me about some images in my archives. (Birmingham has one line only, to Wolverhampton, which I took once to visit The Public, in West Bromwich. Curiously, Birmingham’s tram is … Continue reading


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