One more blog

The first time I did a post was in the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006 – some friends and I got used to exchange e-mails many times a day, and if we didn’t check the inbox frequently, we had lots of messanges to read later. So my friend decided to create a shared blog for all these talks, mainly because each one of us have been living in different cities. In general, the contents in our blog is jokes, comments about celebs and sports or funny stories. Some people don’t understand that this blog is just an online meeting of friends having fun.  

As I’ve been working for the general subjects sector, writting about questions of the city or education, I missed to write about fashion, arts, exhibitions, books, travels or even interesting things I would see on web – and it doesn’t match with the first blog.  That’s my space of delight things, very personal, and I don’t announce it too (hm, I’m not very good with marketing, as you can notice). Recently, I followed the creation of the first blog made mainly with readers’ contents in, the “Blog do ZH Moinhos“, linked to one of eight neighbourhoods supplements which I work for, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Then finally, as I started the online course Journalism 2.0, by Knight Center (University of Texas in Austin), I decided to have another blog! I’ll use this during this course and later I’d put something more about my job here. (I’ll try to write in English in the Journalism 2.0 post at least – but I’m still improving it, so sorry for possible mistakes!)


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