Feeds and news alert

As an exercise for the Journalism 2.0 lesson 2, I created this new blog and started to know how useful is the RSS. I’ve seen that many times, but never payed attencion enough to it.

Today I signed the Google Reader up (web-based readers sound more practical than stand-alone readers) and subscribed to sites I get used to access everyday to check the news: Zero Hora, O Globo and Folha de São Paulo – Brazilian newspapers – and BBC News. I included El Pais, from Uruguay, because my states is near this country, and I think we should know more about our neighbourhood. For my Yahoo Reader, I choose some fashion blogs and magazines’ websites, for a leisure time.

Google Reader

Google Reader

One of the most interesting thing of this lesson is the suggestion of using news alerts for subjects which we cover. At the moment my city has a polemical talk about an area in the banks of the river, for example. Then I added some words related to it in Google News and Yahoo News.

Yahoo Alerts

Yahoo Alerts

I don’t have an opinion about these tools yet, because I subscribed to them recently, but I think it’ll support me in my daily job.


2 thoughts on “Feeds and news alert

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I’m here too.I used to don’t care about blogs but nowadays is the new comunication and we have to now a litle bit of everything that’s why I’m here.Congratulation for the Mark’s compliment, your blog is great. see you.

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