A good headline

I’m not sure if this is a good headline – but write a very attractive one to readers is a challenge to any media.  Here some good and bad examples, in my opinion, that I’ve found during this weekend – I haven’t mentioned any Brazilian site ’cause, in general, they don’t have an English version:


Food body says ‘avoid Irish pork’ – from BBC

‘Injectable bone’ helps fractures – from BBC

BA to cut 100 jobs at Gatwick – from Daily Telegraph 

Castro expresses willingness to meet with Obama – from CNN 

Lights! Camera! Argentina! – from CNN (it was on the main page of CNN.com/entertainment, and even it doesn’t use any verb, it’s strong and, of course, about cinema – a new golden age in Argentina. Read the full story here)


Why? After I read most of these headlines, I wondered: “Why? How? How could it affect my life, my country? or I’ve just noticed that!“. It’s clear to me about what the report is and I want to know more.



Life and death for holy S Africa crocs – from BBC (it could be a headline for an article about how is crocodiles’ lives, how longer they live etc, but it’s about a mistery: why so many crocodiles are dying in the rivers around Kruger Park)

Man Utd 1-o Sunderland – from BBC (ok, I might be wrong, but to me it’s so direct that I don’t need to read anything more. Of course, I’m not a Man Utd or Sunderland fan, but was it a hard game? Was it easy to Manchester United won? Does the result help a lot the team in the English Premier League or not?)

Something for the Weekend – from Daily Telegraph (it’s about a TV show – but use only the name of the TV show in the headline doesn’t seem creative…) 

South Asia’s Deadly Dominoes – from New York Times (a good option to the newspaper for sure, but not to the Internet) 

Location! Location! … Obama! – from New York Times

Why? They aren’t objective as the Internet demands, most of them miss a verb – I think we can use a sentence without a verb on a newspaper or a magazine, because the reader could see pictures, subtitles, graphics etc, and understand easily what is that report. On a Reader, they don’t work.


3 thoughts on “A good headline

  1. Hi Christian. Too direct doesn’t work, right? Sports headlines are a challenge to a newspaper too – even people will just read that the next day and probably just know the result.

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