Three examples and a half

Examples of multimedia projects (analyzing appropriate use of medium, compelling presentation and high usability)


I really like this idea: BBC News is telling the story of global trade using a shipping container. They are following a container around the world for a year with a GPS equipament – and a map, videos and pictures of the box made by readers on internet. The website layout is simple, the same project of any BBC page, but it’s very easy to use and to watch the videos.


The Box, BBC

* * *


This is a perfect New York Times’s example: the multimedia package has an article, a audioslide show, a video and an interactive graphic. It’s a complete work about China, examining the human toll, the global impact and the political challenge of China’s pollution crisis. The presentation is more formal, as NYT is.


Choking on Growth, The New York Times

* * *


(Central Presidio – A Revealed Shame)

This story was written by Carlos Etchichury, with pictures by Daniel Marenco, to Zero Hora newspaper. After a long time of negociation, my workmates were allowed to enter in the main penitenciary of Porto Alegre. They showed how horrible are the conditions there. Besides a great text and a graphic, we can notice all these problems by the impressive scenes captured by the photographer in a slideshow and a video. Another TV report, using the same material, was exhibited on the TV channel that belongs to the same news organization. It was a very good and complete report.  Unfortunately the website layout wasn’t too attractive, and video and graphic were a little bit hidden. The story is avaliable only in Portuguese.


Presídio Central - Uma Vergonha Revelada, Zero Hora


* * * * * * *


(World Markets’ Crisis)

This multimedia contents is very, very attractive! It uses cassino elements – great idea with cards, to show which banks went bankrupt – and it explains well the crisis, with graphics, a video and links to articles and interviews about this topic. I think the video is a little hidden again – my workmate Marta Sfredo, economic journalist, talks about the crisis. The video was shot in a little TV studio at newsroom. Avaliable only in Portuguese. 


Crise nos Mercados Mundiais, Zero Hora


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