One of the most curious services that I addopted during the Journalism 2.0 course was Twitter. I subscribed to it, but couldn’t figure out how useful it might be – and I’m not the only one. I haven’t had any great experiences to tell here already, but I’ve been reading things that made me persist on it, like this at Now Public, evolving the Mumbai attacks:

Questions were raised about Twitter’s validity as an accurate source of breaking news. The BBC was among the mainstream news organizations which used tweets in its reporting.

The BBC News website faced criticism from some readers for including tweets – unverified information – in its “live update” page about the unfolding story, alongside reports from other sources including BBC correspondents and news agencies. The BBC said that, on a major story, there was a case for passing on new information as soon as possible and leaving the audience to assess it.

In Brazil, there’re more people using Twitter to get news than I supposed, as I could notice in this post and comments in Raquel Recuero’s blog. At same time, the last update of the newspaper I work at was in November 11th!

It’s main about who are you following and what kind of information they can give you, in my opinion. It’s quite interesting too to announce a report that you’re doing or a new post. Finally it’s very important to have friends following you on Twitter – this is from Now Public too:

James Karl Buck, a graduate journalism student from University of California-Berkeley, and his translator Mohammed Maree, were arrested in Mahalla, Egypt on April 10th for photographing an anti-government demonstration.

Perhaps surprisingly, Buck was allowed to keep his cell phone while in jail, and he used it to Twitter the message “Arrested” to alert his followers to his predicament. (…) He used his Twitter feed to document his detention.

Within 24 hours of his arrest, Buck was able to send another, very different one-word message to his followers: “Free.”


2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I have to say that Twitter is still a big fascinating mistery for me. I also discovered its potential in Knight Center course and I hope we all can use it in a real constructive way. After what I saw in some news website, I am more convinced about the importance of technology in Journalism daily produce and I am very glad about it!

  2. During the Madonna’s concert in São Paulo, Marcelo Tas posted some impressions to his Twitter. This was the first ‘event in developtment’ I’ve seen in my Twitter. But, as I said before, I must dedicated more time to discover and then follow the ‘right’ people.

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