A new age for TV

While high definition TV is arriving in Brazil, new things around the world can change it more than Brazilians are imagining. After Yahoo Inc unveiled list of partners to aid its push to bring the Internet and television together – imagine you could access You Tube, MySpace etc -, I’ve read a post in Mashable.com asking: “why?” The author says:

(…) I don’t see the point. It’s ok, I guess; but why would I want to do this over the television set? When you watch TV, you want to watch TV, and little else (except perhaps eating popcorn). When you want to interact, you use your computer – which is probably not that far away from your TV set.”  

Well, as I commented there, if newspapers are changing the storytelling and their relationship with audience, why would TV will be always the same?

Of course the next step is the ‘mobile, all tech power on your hand’. I’m not an expert, but I think TV couldn’t work as it was in the 50s, but in high definition.

* * *

I suggest the report on Jornal da Globo (Janurary 8th) about the CES (in Portuguese). The shape changes, the way of transmition changes… Will the concept be the same forever?


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