Cool sites

Cool sites about the newsroom universe:

Regret the Error – Sometimes we barely can believe that a dumb mistake could be published, but it’s true: it happens even in the best newsrooms of the world. This site, edited by a journalist in Montreal, has lots of corrections in newspapers and news organization’s sites.  

Overheard in the Newsroom – A newsroom is a place full of ideas, argumentations, haste, stress… and funny sentences. This site has examples – as “TV news is like a 2-year-old; everything is new to them” or from a managing editor on a slow news day: “What we need is a good ax murder” – which show the most different things we can heard there. 

Angry Journalist – Why are you angry today? Answer this question and maybe you’d feel better when that’d be posted in the site.

* * *

Inaugural Words – a tip of my workmate Marcela, this is a great job of New York Times. With a timeline and tags cloud, they show the most-used words in each presidential inaugural address in America.

Inaugural Words

Inaugural Words


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