Government 2.0

I guess the first change made by the Obama’s government was the White House’s official site. Its Web 2.0 version has blog, videos etc. Just for curiosity, I’ve been following the @DowningStreet and @UKParliament in Twitter and must said they are working with this idea too (or they seem to, at least):

@DowningStreet and @UKParliament use Twitter

@DowningStreet and @UKParliament use Twitter

* * *

Even The Queen will have a new website: “(she) is determined to make her website – first launched 12 years ago – more user friendly and relevant to modern-day society“, says Telegraph.

One example of its resources: “We have integrated the royal diary with Google maps. This means that if you hover [the computer mouse] on, say Birmingham, it will throw up all the past royal visits to the city – at the moment going back to 2005 – as well as future royal visits for the next two weeks. This will be called: ‘Royal family in my area’ and we hope it will prove very popular with the public.”

The new Royal website will be launched on February 12th.

* * *

To help the Brazilian government , some tips in 50 Essential Strategies For Creating A Successful Web 2.0 Product.


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