Readers 2.0

Actually the last link in the previous post – 50 Essential Strategies For Creating A Successful Web 2.0 Product – can help everyone who plan to be in the Web 2.0. One of the tips is:

Consider mobile users as important as your regular browser customers.  Mobile devices will ultimately form the majority of your user base as the capability and adoption of smartphones, Internet tablets, laptops, and netbooks ushers in mobile Web use as the dominant model.  Having an application strategy as well as well-supported applications for the iPhone, Android, and RIM platforms is essential for most Web products these days.  By the time you get to market, mobile will be even more important than it is now.  Infoworld confirmed today, in fact, that wireless enterprise development will be one of 2009’s bright spots.

In general, Brazil is late, comparing to USA and Europe, about mobile users. There are an expressive number of cell phones here, but Brazilians users have simpler equipment models than smartphones, not so resourceful for the citizen journalism. This article about the “Twitter Journalism” (in Portuguese) has some interesting considerations about the different reality in poorer countries.

Some points of this text I disagree, but it’s really easier for a person in NY to photograph an airplane crash there than a person in the Brazilian countryside do it, if there’s one in his garden – because the financial conditions that both have to buy equipments or even to access the internet. Anyway journalists should absorb new technologies and tools ever – and news organizations should offer that to their readers.


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