Blog do ZH Zona Sul

Blog do ZH Zona Sul was launched on February 6th, 2009. This is the second Zero Hora’s blog with local news: Blog do ZH Moinhos was the first, on July 23th, 2008. Both are managed by neibourghood’s supplements staff – we have eight supplemens (most of them published each four weeks), all with citizen journalism concepts.

For which one, we have a Bloggers’ Council.  Totally user generated content (UCG) for COMPOSTING (community posting) blogs. For Blog do ZH Zona Sul, it’s a group of 33 South Zone residents who send stories and photos to be posted there.  They have different occupations: doctor, architect, teachers, lawyer, undergraduated students, retired people, from 17 to 72 years old. Different views from the same region. In the first post, there’s a video about the first meeting with the bloggers (all availabel only in Portuguese).

They write about other interesting residents, sports, the neighbourhoods’ history, points, events, problems in that area etc.  Some posts have more than 2,300 views in a day (in the top ten Zero Hora’s blogs on that day). Comparing to the most accessed blogs (mainly about sports, from 5,000 to 7,000 views posts in just one day), it doesn’t seems too much, but we have to consider that this is a very focused blog. Residents of other areas ask for a blog too!



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