The Local

New York Times launched on March 2nd, 2009 its citizen journalism site about different areas of the city, The Local. We just have this tool for users about two neighbourhoods in Porto Alegre – Blog do ZH Moinhos and Blog do ZH Zona Sul

So what I like in this NYT’ site:

– The homepage helps the user to find his neighbourhood’s blog easily (it seems obvious, but believe me: in some websites, it’s not)



– And the top bar helps too, as in Globo Online, the most beautiful.

nytbar nytbairroscom


– My favourite part: Users can indicate a problem in some street and people who want that fixed can vote (see below). Great tool. The blogs’ second column has a space to artwork of students – we tryed that sometimes on the printed version, but not many participations.



– The introduce of residents who will colaborate, in theirs first posts…



– … and the introduce of the blog as well.



– And this very honest post:



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