A class at Birmingham City University

When I was at university (1998-2002, long time ago!), what I’ve learnt about Online Journalism was almost nothing – just one term in four years. At that time, it really didn’t attract me, as the online news are simply a copy from what newspaper had published. Repetition, no interaction, slow speed for accessing. Quite boring! 

That’s definitely a moment with more oportunities to journalists. A new media to explore and some changing for the tradicional media. In Brazil, that seems a little slower than in Europe or United State. Brazil has at least one Master in Digital Journalism, in São Paulo, while researchers in differents universities across the country explore this topic as well (if you know good courses, please, leave a comment!). 

* * *  

On May 17th, I attended a class at Birmingham City University. I was invited to the final class with undergraduate Online Journalism students, at the Perry Barr campus, by Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw), after an e-mail I sent to him. 

There’s a special guest at classroom on that day: photographer Karen Strunks (@karenstrunks) talked about the 04:00 Project (@4amproject) and how to use flickr to organize our photos (including details as its world map, the importance of tagging and Creative Commons) – read about Karen’s lecture here

Map your photos on flickr

The project she created is really cool. What will you be doing at 4am? What about take a photo and upload it in the project’s site? Images from differents parts of the world make it more interesting – Twitter is used for a social media campaign. 

* * * 

Class at BCU - Bad photo with my mobile

The second class was in another room, when Paul spoke about the use of Google Docs and Yahoo! Pipes (this was new to me). Must said that the Online Journalism Blog is very useful to learn about new tools, initiatives and questions on Journalism and internet – the language is simple and the topics are very interesting. Paul also suggested me the Alex Gamela’s blog (@alexgamela), a Portuguese journalist who is doing the MA Online Journalism at Birmingham City University.

The Perry Barr campus has a Costa Cafe, so I finished my visit with a hot chocolate while I was waiting for the train at the station. 🙂


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