A different Eyjafjallajoekull effect – The Answer

The Pew Research Center, from Washington, DC, answered me soon. On the post I published on Thursday, I commented that its Project For Excellence in Journalism had quoted me on a report which focus what bloggers were posting about the Eyjafjallajoekull, the Iceland’s volcano which provoke delays on flights on April (and, later, on May as well). Unfortunatelly, they haven’t added any link or haven’t done a contact to let me know about that. Richard Auxier answered the e-mail I sent to the research centre and he allowed me to share it here:


Thanks for writing the Pew Research Center.

The publication citing your blog on pewresearch.org was taken from a report researched and written by the Project for Excellence in Journalism – a project of the Pew Research Center – tracking the week’s new media trends. The full report published on their website, journalism.org, did link to your blog and does so regularly with all blogs cited in their reports.

In the past, including the week your work was cited, pewresearch.org has not linked to blogs included in PEJ reports and instead just linked to the full report at journalism.org. This was recently deemed insufficient, and it is now the policy of pewreasearch.org to link to all blogs cited in the reports compiled by PEJ (see last week’s New Media Index on pewresearch.org as an example). Therefore, any future work of yours cited by our reports will be linked to on both journalism.org and pewresearch.org.

Please feel free to email me personally if you have any additional questions.

 Thanks again,

Richard Auxier


2 thoughts on “A different Eyjafjallajoekull effect – The Answer

  1. Nice one! Glad we could teach the Project for Excellence in Journalism how to cite their sources. But was I able to teach them that it’s OK to begin a sentence with a conjunction?

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