Snow: before and after

I haven’t already taken photos of snow as I’d like to do. On Saturday, however, I took some interesting ones.

On August, I did a short walk by the canals in South Birmingham (read my post here), and, some days ago, I’ve been again where the walk had started: at the Kings Norton Junction. The snow had melted a little, and it rained the night before, so the frozen water wasn’t so white as I’ve seen previously – but still frozen enough to be resistant to a brick that someone had thrown on it! Actually, the recent photos wouldn’t be so appealing if it wasn’t the older images, as the canals simply seem a grey way, paved with asphalt.

I checked my Summer photos (ones of the first I’ve taken with my new camera) and found out some interesting before and after images. They are not in the perfect angle, but quite similar. Enjoy it! 🙂

*** UPDATE: Some of these photos and others I took at Cannon Hill Park were published on a photo gallery on Terra.

Kings Norton Juction: August, 2010 - Photos: Melissa Becker

Kings Norton Juction: December, 2010 - Photo: Melissa Becker


Enjoying the Summer by bike: August, 2010

Dry leaves on frozen water: December, 2010

Up to the bridge: August, 2010

Slippery when icy: December, 2010

Boat: August, 2010

Branches on the frozen water: December, 2010


The frozen water, on Saturday... brrrrr


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