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I left my camera in Birmingham. It was a rough decision, but I couldn’t bring some things to Brazil – so I left the Nikon D3000 (temporally, I hope). Back home and looking for a little bit of fun, I decided to have a go with my old camera, a Pentax ZX-M – the one I used at university during the photography lessons and the one which showed me that I don’t have any talent for manual focusing…

The place I’d chosen as a set for the pictures is located in Cidreira, a town on the coast of my state. Forget everything you could imagine about a Brazilian beach – this one is very far from that image, believe, in a bad way! Curiously, there’re some dunes which look like a big desert. I was quite amazed with the result. I used an ISO 200 film – not the ideal one for a place very bright because the sun and the sand, but I couldn’t find an ISO 100 at that moment.

The “challenges” that an old-style photographer faces are bigger than this. Back to my hometown, I looked for a shop to develop the film and scan the photos. Only the third shop I went was capable of doing both services and for a cheaper price than the others – and cheaper than in Birmingham! It took some days, but I was not in a hurry to see the result of this experience.

Just a little adjust in some photos, and you can check the best of them on the slideshow above (the couple on it is my parents). I really enjoyed taking photos with this camera again, although I only have a 50mm lens. New lenses are in a long list for the future.


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