Bristol’s cultural quarter

On January, I went to Bristol and visited Stokes Croft, the city’s cultural quarter. I had a really nice tour on its streets guided by Chris Chalkley (People’s Republic of Stokes Croft).

Paris (check his website here) also showed me some works (lucky me!).

A recent work by Paris

I learnt that Stokes Croft is the creative centre of Bristol – and you can easily recognise it during a walk on its street.

One of the goals of the group is make the place be an outdoor gallery.

So the visitant can find some Banksy’s works and watch a street artist creating a new one.

My favourite work on Stokes Croft

“Think local, No Tesco”

There’re some impressive street art works – check more photos in slideshow below, but there’s more than this -, and definitely they make the place looks better (for a Brazilian, England is a little too grey, so some colours are really welcome, specially on Winter, bfff…).

Their ideas go beyond art, involving political issues and a debate about the city itself. The blog has interesting posts.

Important to remember that, some years ago in England, graffiti was considered vandalism mostly, and its status has being in a change since Banksy became more popular there.

It seems to me that the public in Brazil has a clearer distinction between graffiti (as street art) and tagging (as vandalism) than in England.

In its headquarter – 35 Jamaica Street -, People’s Republic of Stoke Croft has a place for exhibitions and a shop.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been in the gallery and just had a quick look around the shop, but it was enough to see what interesting pieces they have there: canvas, books and even china – to me, the most creatives itens, check some of them here.

Pause the slideshow to see details of each grafitti:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe Stokes Croft is not the most obvious place to visit in your first time in Bristol, but it’s worthwhile.

It’s not located in the city centre, but people from Bristol are very kind and certainly could indicate which bus you could take to go there.

Also, I wrote about Stokes Croft in Portuguese for this website.


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