Old cars in Buenos Aires

John and I were very keen in some old cars we had seen on Buenos Aires‘ streets – I can’t tell anything about the models, but I like the old style design and like to imagine the stories on their backseats. The first was parked in front of the hostel which we stayed in, in the barrio Palermo Soho. We found more during our walks and got some photos, yeah!

Dodge, in Palermo Soho - Photos: Melissa Becker

In Palermo Soho

In Palermo Soho

The same Dodge in Palermo Soho, daylight

In San Telmo

In San Telmo - Photo: John Smethurst

The Dodge in Palermo Soho - Photo: John Smethurst



3 thoughts on “Old cars in Buenos Aires

    • Oi, Helena! Lindas as tuas fotos!

      Sim, eu já tinha visto vários no Uruguai (mas só fotografei um em Salto, antes de eu visitar Montevideo, Colónia del Sacramento e Punta Del Este, aqui http://londonme.wordpress.com/2009/05/09/uruguay/ ), e por isso me surpreendi de ter visto em Buenos Aires. Não lembrava, ou não vi, nas outras vezes que estive lá – talvez resultado da situação argentina na última década…


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