What’s your advice for a foreign freelance in the UK?

As a beginner in the UK, I am taking a look at codes, guides, tips, stylebooks – topics we learn in the first years at university, but how do they change when you move away from your country? Obviously, good practice of journalism has universal standards in rights and duties – press freedom, accuracy etc. But Brazil might have different laws or approaches on certain issues thanks to previous cases or even cultural differences, for example (use of language is a topic for another post). So I’m keen to find out how it works in the UK.

Here there are some sources I’ve been taking a look:

> Code of Conduct, National Union of Journalists

> Editor’s Code of Practice, Press Complaints Commission

> Freelance Fees Guide (with general advice for all freelances as well)

Do you have any suggestion? Which other resource would you recommend? Please, leave a comment in order to improve this list. Thanks!


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