Concrete and fantasy at the German Market

Concrete and fantasy, German Market, Birmingham (December 2011) – Photo: Melissa Becker

I submitted this vertical photo to an interesting new projet called Birmingham {Viewpoint}, launched by Pete Sloan. The first subject was the German Market – one of the main attractions in Birmingham and one of the main Christmas Market in England. I had already seen the event in 2010, but haven’t taken photos (only for fun, with my classmates). I was already planning to take some shots there when I found out about the project by Twitter.

When I got in the Victoria Square, I felt that I should take pictures showing the usual “elements” of it (as the Queen Victoria statue and the Iron Man), showing them a little bit “lost” among all that lovely stalls, sparkling decoration and fun fair attractions (more of this series you can check here, on my Flickr account). Most of these photos don’t show exactly how charming the German Market actually is – because, obviously, I wasn’t my goal -, but that’s one of the nice things on photography, in my opinion: you could look twice and have different views.

> Check the result of the Birmingham {Viewpoint}’s first subject here – nice photos, different views!


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