Island House

Island House for Birmingham {Viewpoint} – Photos: Melissa Becker

I submitted one more photo for the project Birmingham {Viewpoint}, launched by Pete Sloan. On February, the subject was the Island House, a historic Birmingham building I’ve never seen, as it now is completely covered for demolition (see and read more here). Sad story, as it seems to be a very beautiful place. Check the result here – amazing shots from Birmingham photographers! Love to see the creativity on these images.

I took my photo last Monday, and there was only a little part uncovered. It was raining, and I still get a little bit shy of photographing on streets here, when it’s not as a tourist or to be published as part of an article I’m writing (as I used to do it in my hometown). Honestly, I don’t like my own photo too much, but I feel like it was somehow telling a part of the Island House story. A sad moment, unfortunately.

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Arts & Young People Team

Arts & Young People Team

This view is going to change

This view is going to change


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