Refreshing my skills

Living in another country make me feel as I have a lot to learn, not only the language (as mentioned on the post about the Introduction to Sports Journalism Workshop). I had such a good experience with online courses that I am looking for this type of training again.

My first online course was Journalism 2.0, by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas (University of Texas at Austin). Not only made me create this blog as an exercise, but also changed my view about online journalism and the possibilities it offers to improve our work. Later, I joined the Digital Tools for Investigative Journalism, by the Knight Center, in 2009, and the 11th Human Development for Journalists Course, by Ayrton Senna Institute and Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji, abbreviation in Portuguese), in 2008. They were free, with hundreds applications submitted for each edition.

These courses took four weeks each and required commitment. If you want to take the most of it, you are going to complete exercises and tasks, read all material, join chats with instructors and share ideas with colleagues from different parts of the country or even the continent.

The Poynter’s News University is not new, but I’ve been exploring it more recently. Just did the Journalism and Trauma course this weekend, and I strongly recommend it. It’s a self-directed course which takes one-hour or so to be done – a great material presented in a very interesting and useful way (the interviewing simulation is one of the highlights). News-U offered different types of training (webinars, seminars, training package), with a big range of prices (self-directed courses are free). I already have a list of courses I’d like to enrol in future.


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