Paradise Forum - Photo: Melissa Becker

Photo School: Photographing the City – People

On 3rd June, I joined the Matt and Pete’s Photo School for the course Photographing the City – People. Unfortunately, the day was quite rainy, and the possibilities of street photography got limited. I haven’t taken any picture I REALLY liked that afternoon (can’t blame the weather for that – I thought about Danny Santos and how far my result would be from him. Very inspiring shots though). However, it was such a nice opportunity to review some basics, ask help to professionals and to join and enjoy the conversation about photography.

The History of Animation - Photo: Melissa Becker

The History of Animation – Photos: Melissa Becker

The class was “inspired by the compositional techniques of Cartier Bresson” – people and city landscape together (I did some portraits too).

Overall, I must try to be more confident in taking picture of people (it’s a kind of an issue here, people do care more about having their picture taken, security matters, privacy etc than in Brazil) and to be more confident  in exploring the manual settings. I’m a little traumatized since my experience at university, with analogic-only cameras, although it’s said to be the only way to actually learn about photography. Perhaps I haven’t cross a barrier. Back to basics.

So here some of the photos I took – not the ones I am proudest of, but a good exercise. More on Flickr.

Pinfold St, Birmingham - Photo: Melissa Becker

Hill St, Birmingham

A cafe in the ICC, Birmingham - Photo: Melissa Becker

Cafe in the ICC, Birmingham


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