Infographics and Data Visualization course (1)

First exercise for Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization online course, Knight Center – the attempting below is part of a discussion about this Social Web Involvement infographic.

UPDATE: Read more below

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I am interested in the many ways a journalist can tell a story. Frequently, it requires an infographic. In many occasions, working with different subjects as reporter or editor, I had to organise the first idea of what should result in a nice infographic – which information from my story should it has?  How to structure it?

Although I had some graphic design lessons at university (a long time ago), I have never had any trainning or even basic tips in terms of  infographics and data visualization. In my experience at a newsroom, for 10 years, I basically sent the data to the “art team” and they would figure out how it should be presented. There were discussions in some occasions, to be fair.

My main motivation in taking this course:  to learn the best way to organise the information to be published in an infographic. As a freelance, I might not have the “art team” to work with by my side, but I do want to offer some ideas to my clients in order to make my stories more attractive to rearders and users.

The image you see above was my first attempt of doing an infographic. It is really “primitive”: I used Excel (I might work with Adobe Illustrator in a later stage of this course). In a quick feedback, Alberto Cairo (our instructor) observed to avoid 3D effects and slanted baselines in bar charts, as “they distort the data and make comparisons more difficult”. Yes, they do!

I am glad for having the opportunity to learn these concepts. The course was originally planned for journalists and news designers. I have to say that my colleagues are producing really amazing works. I am learning with them too.


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