The Blognix Experience (2)

Since I’ve moved to the UK, I am thrilled to hear any opportunities for meeting new people and networking. It seems to me that Birmingham offers these chances in an especial way, having a great variety of meet ups and social events related to all sorts of subjects.

Last Saturday, the Birmingham Blognix – The Blogger Picnic with a Twist was one of these nice chances, and personally quite “educative”, since I could learn a lot with experienced bloggers (in case you missed, click here to read the first part of my Blognix experience).

It was so inspiring! Overall, the whole experience made me see some ideas I had since I’ve moved to Birmingham (but was unsure about them) in a new, refreshing perspective.

Here some of the interesting people I met (and whose blogs we could watch for inspiring ideas).

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

Elizabeth Sellers, from Rosalilium, was the Birmingham Blognix organiser, and she did a great job. I haven’t met her before and just started reading her blog after registering to the event, but, as you could see in the photo above, she is smiling and charismatic.

* * *

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

I can’t put into words how happy I was to find a Brazilian Brigadeiro, by Karen, aka Miss Apple’s Sweets, on the “welcome pack” at Blognix. I met Karen very recently (and she was the person who told me about the event) and this was the first time I had the opportunity to try her gourmet brigadeiro.

This is a typical Brazilian sweet, “mandatory” in any birthday party in our childhood and in many “after party” moments in our teen years in Brazil. Yes, that’s how important that delightful little smooth chocolate ball is. If you are a chocolover, you must try.

* * *

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

Jesse Audubey, from Hecticophilia, is a French blogger who writes about the London’s cultural life to other expats. We had good chats along the day, and it was very nice to share ideas with her. By the way, she was patient while I was trying to find the best light for this photo, following Hazel‘s instructions!

* * *

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

Here is Amy Elizabeth, from, taking some shots around the Custard Factory during our photography workshop.

* * *

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

This is Ashleigh Millward, from 25to30. How sweet is her cupcake dress?

* * *

Great to met you all!


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