Journalist, copywriter, translator and blogger based in Birmingham (UK).

My work has been published on the news websites, mainly Terra Networks Brasil (part of one of the largest online companies in Latin America), and in magazines and newspapers in Brazil, such as Superinteressante, and in the United Kingdom, such as the Brasil Observer.

I work as a translator and interpreter in the UK as well.

As a personal project, I blog about lifestyle in Great Britain in a Brazilian perspective on BrummieBR (available in Portuguese only).


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> I have a degree as a Bachelor in Social Communication – Journalism at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), in my hometown. From 2000 to 2010, I worked for Zero Hora, the main newspaper in southern Brazil. My last role there was as the editor of a hyperlocal supplement (ZH Zona Sul), its blog and Twitter account. Citizen journalism concepts were applied to this project, with contents produced by readers as its main feature. *More on this Talk About Local’s post.

> From May to October 2011, I worked as a freelance journalist for Cartola Agência de Conteúdo, a content development agency in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I was a short, but enjoyable experience, where I could apply my skills as a reporter, translator, proofreader and copywriter for magazines and institutional advertising campaigns.

> From September to Novermber, 2009, I joined the Serra Media‘s Fall Internship Program. It was a nine weeks internship, working online from Brazil, as a community manager for Newsgarden/BlockTalk (a hyperlocal news mapping platform) on four newspapers’ websites: The Bellingham Herald and Kitsap Sun, both in Washington state, and Penticton Western News and Kelowna Capital News, both in British Columbia, Canada. Despite the distance, it was an involving and rich experience. *More about this experience on Serra Blog.



> I speak Portuguese (native speaker), English (Certificate in Advanced English – Cambridge, but I keep studying in order to achieve mastery) and Spanish (good understanding).

> Also, I am keen in developing my photography skills.

> I love learning new things, so often I take online courses about a variety of subjects that I find interesting and/or might add up to my journalist’s habilities.

> Member of the Birmingham Press Club, former member of The Foreign Press Association (FPA) in London.

> UK Press Card holder.


Published work

> Online: Jungle DrumsTerra Networks Brasil, UOL

> Magazines: Amanhã, Galileu, Prazeres da Mesa, Revista Ensino SuperiorSuperinteressante

> Newspapers: Brasil Observer, Diário Catarinense, Pioneiro, Zero Hora

More on: Cuttings.me | Contenly.com | VisualCV’s page | Vizualize.me 

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Created as an exercise for the online course Journalism 2.0, by Knight Center (University of Texas in Austin), in November 2008. Currently, I post about my work.

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ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/melissabeckerbr

ON LINKEDINhttp://uk.linkedin.com/in/melissabeckerbr

ON FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/melissabecker/

ON VODPOD: http://vodpod.com/melissabecker/melissabecker

ON YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/melissabeckerbr


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