Gestores de universidades visitam Inglaterra e Irlanda

enssup>A capacidade de se reinventar

Matéria publicada na edição 189, de julho de 2014, da revista Ensino Superior sobre como a missão técnica de gestores de universidades brasileiras promovida pelo Semesp para a Inglaterra e para a Irlanda.


[ Feature for the magazine Ensino Superior, published on the issue 189, July 2014, covering a technical mission to England and Ireland of private universities’ managers from Brazil. ]


Photo above: Semesp delegates at The Innovation Academy @ Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Front row: Dr Barry McMahon (The Innovation Academy director); Afonso José Sena Cardoso (Brazilian ambassador in Dublin); and Prof. Mauro Ferreira (coordinator of the Dublin Graduate Physics Programme at the Trinity College).



Esporte como negócio de educação

enssupcapaEducação no pódio

Entrevista com o Dr. Jonathan Grix, da Universidade de Birmingham, para a revista Ensino Superior, publicada no número 183 de dezembro de 2013, sobre as oportunidades de negócio com investimento em esporte em universidades.

[ Interview with Dr Jonathan Grix, from the University of Birmingham, for the magazine Ensino Superior, published on the issue 183, December 2013, about business oportunities with investments in sports at universities. ]

Foto: Melissa Becker

Foto: Melissa Becker

Fotos: Melissa Becker

A maior biblioteca pública da Europa

Foto: Melissa Becker

Reprodução UOLMaior biblioteca pública da Europa tem 10 andares, jardim suspenso e wi-fi

> Galeria de fotos

Matéria para o site UOL, publicada em 18 de setembro de 2013, sobre a nova biblioteca pública de Birmingham, a maior da Europa.

[ Feature for the Brazilian news website UOL, published on the 18th September, 2013, about The Library of Birmingham, the largest public library in Europe ]

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

The Blognix Experience (1)

Last Saturday was an inspirational day. I went to the Birmingham Blognix – The Blogger Picnic with a Twist, organised by Elizabeth Sellers, from Rosalilium.

We got great tips from experienced speakers and delicious cakes, made by some of the attendees! Now my head is full of fresh ideas and I can’t wait to start putting into practice  (the change of colours in this blog is just a little one). It was stimulating to meet such enthusiastic bloggers. During the day, I tried to practice a little bit of photography, the subject of one of the workshops. So expect a lot of images in this post.

* * *

The first speaker was Jen Holmes, from A Little Bird Told Me, who talked about working with PRs (photo below). It’s something I do often on my work as a journalist, but the relationship between a PR and a blogger is slightly different (or, at least, my own is).

I was glad to see Jen mentioning disclosure: “always disclose when you’ve been paid to feature something”. When I used to work for a newspaper, all the press trips we joined were clearly stated to readers as “invitations”.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

Emma Cossey, from The Freelance Lifestyle, was the following speaker, pointing out useful social media tools and techniques (I will definitely apply many of them on my next projects). She mentioned good examples of bloggers who are creating a community around their blogs, such as El, from A Thrifty Mrs, who was on the schedule to talk about Blogging as a Career, but unfortunately could not join us.

* * *

Then we had some time to walk around the venue, the Custard Factory – a place to vintage’s lovers, but where I’m not very often able to pay a visit. I’ve never seen it so lively as in this sunny Saturday, there was a vintage fair going on and other activities around.

I had a quick chat (and some popcorns!) with Rickie, while she was spreading the word about Yelp.

Custard Factory, Birmingham (UK) - Photo: Melissa Becker

* * *

Back to the Zellig Building, it was time for some (more) food. In an event where many of the participants were lifestyle bloggers, that’s a serious matter.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

The word “picnic” was not merely there to attract more attendees. No. We actually had an indoor picnic!

It was a lovely idea that made the event more pleasant and relaxing for us, all we need on a Saturday.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

A cake competition was another “attraction”. I must say I didn’t prepared anything (shame on me!), but all the sweets composed a very nice table and added to the picnic atmosphere.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

By the way, did you notice a blue bag among the cakes? Not by chance: that was the prize for the best one, by a new brand of leather goods in England called Brit Stitch. Another lovely model was the Daisy one (missed the oportunity to take a shot), made exclusively for Blognix.

Maybe because my mother had worked in the shoes sector of a department store, maybe because Brazilian shoes have a very good quality and the country is a big exporter, I am quite picky when it comes to leather goods. So I was happy to see these fine models (and they do deliver in Brazil – shipping cost: £30 per bag).

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

And the winner was… the most colourful cake I’ve ever eaten (and a really good one).

I’ve also tried one of the sweets made by Kiss Me Cupcakes.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

* * *

The afternoon was dedicated to workshops. Each person could choose two of three: Blog Design, with Kim Lawler from Finest Imaginary; Photography for Blogging, with Hazel Paterson from It’s not f***ing rocket science; and Effectively Monetising Your Blog with Colleen Bulfin from Reward Style.

My first one was with Colleen. Reward Style is a type of affiliate marketing program, with bloggers using trackable links to get a commission on products sold because they wrote about them  *sound of falling coins*. Here’s a link to an interview with their president, to give a better idea.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

As one of my activities on my work and my main hobby is photography, I am always interested in hearing any professional who likes to share a little of their experience. So there I was to listen to Hazel. We got very useful tips (and links!), not only for photographing, but also about copyrights, and had the oportunity to walk around the Custard Factory for some more shots.

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

Custard Factory, Birmingham (UK) - Photo: Melissa Becker

Birmingham Blognix - Photo: Melissa Becker

It was a very productive and enjoyable day. In my next post, I’ll show some of the interesting people I met there. (UPDATE: click here to read the 2nd part of my Blognix experience).

Winterbourne House and Garden, Birmingham (UK) - Photo: Melissa Becker

Winterbourne Garden

It’s springtime in the United Kingdom! Not warm enough for myself, but the gardens are looking gorgeous nowadays. We went to the Winterbourne House and Garden, Birmingham, by the end of May – a place not well known as the Botanical Gardens, but I guess this gives it a calmer atmosphere perhaps. Actually, we need to come back to visit the house, as we spent all our time in the garden in a lovely sunny day. Great place for photos at this time of the year:

DSC_1752 DSC_1753 DSC_1757

Winterbourne House and Garden, Birmingham (UK) - Photo: Melissa Becker DSC_1742

> More photos on my Flickr account.

Social media collaborations

Social media managers have been sharing some photos I took, related to their services. The most recent was the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter page on Facebook, which share some of my pics from the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter (check more on Flickr).


* * *

Last year, the Sherborne Wharf page on Facebook shared a post I wrote about the Birmingham canals (one of my favourite attractions in this city), with pictures I took for the Birmingham {Viewpoint} project.