Caseiro ganha coração novo no Dia dos Pais

Caseiro ganha coração novo no Dia dos Pais

Matéria publicada 11 de agosto de 2008, no jornal Zero Hora, sobre o transplante de coração recebido por um caseiro no Dia dos Pais. O órgão foi transportado de avião, em uma viagem que durou 1h10min. Vídeo da chegada do médico a Porto Alegre aqui.

[ Feature published on th 11th August, 2008, on Zero Hora newspaper, about the heart transplant a household underwent on Father’s Day. The organ was transported by plane, a trip which lasted one hour and 10 minutes. Video of  the doctor’s arrival in Porto Alegre here ]

P.S.: The article is old, but yesterday was Father’s Day in Brazil and I remembered this story I’ve covered.


A little bit of Birmingham

Two collaborations I sent for former colleagues (and dear friends!) were published in Brazil recently. Both are about Birmingham!

On the blog Recortes de Viagem, by Rosane Tremea, there’s a post about Cadbury World – click to read and check out some photos. Located just 10 minutes by car from my home here, I visited the place on last July. Althought it was created mainly for children, I did have fun and, what really matters, I ate chocolate. Seriously, it’s an interesting place to visit.

Last week, André Mags, who was substituting Rosane in the print version as she was here in holidays, published a photo I took at Cannon Hill Park in the beggining of October to illustrate the Autumm in the North Hemisphere.

> More photos of Autumm in England in this post

Photo published on the Zero Hora's travel supplement, November 9th, 2010

Column at Zero Hora's travel supplement, November 9th, 2010

Photo: Green wall in Birmingham

Living wall at the new Central Library - Photo: Melissa Becker

Nosso Mundo Sustentável (Zero Hora), 26th July, 2010


The Zero Hora’s supplement about sustentability, Nosso Mundo Sustentável, published on Monday my photo of the living wall at the new Central Library, in Birmingham (article in Portuguese here). It is on the supplement’s blog as well.

The volcano that mess my life

Dark cloud in Madrid - Photo: Melissa Becker

Passangers sleeping on check-in - Photo: Melissa Becker


* From Madrid

I’m one of many people who are facing problems with flights disruption provoked by the volcano in Iceland. I arrived from Buenos Aires this Sat in Madrid, around 13h30min, and my connection to Gatwick Airport, in London, would be at 15h. Of course, as it was happening since the day before, all flights to UK and other countries on north of Europe were cancelled, as the ash continues to spread (check on BBC’s website).

In Madrid, there was a dark cloud during all afternoon, even when it’s sunny. Wonder if is this the ashes (never thought a volcano can mess my plans!). ** UPDATE: It was just a dark cloud, said me a taxi driver.

The earliest flight I could book is on next Sunday – no, not this weekend, Sunday next week, April 25th. As I’m spending this night in Barajas, Madrid’s airport (barely sleeped one hour, I guess), I sent a short report to Zero Hora. Right now, this is the website’s headline, which emphasizes the expenses I will have on seven days, as the flight companies and my insurance don’t cover them when caused by natural phenomenons. 

Headline on Zero Hora's website

Haven’t meet yet people from my state here. I tried (not hardly, must confess) to find some airport’s PR, but the press room was being used by Ryanair’s costumers who want to change their flights etc.

Train could be an option to leave Madrid sooner, but it’d be very expensive. For now, my decision is waiting for my “earliest” flight, as I couldn’t see a better and not so expensive alternative.

... or sleeping on the ground - Photo: Melissa Becker

Sobre crowdsourcing

Blog do Editor, em


Texto originalmente publicado no Blog do Editor, em


“Na segunda-feira, o Blog do ZH Zona Sul publicou o post Que obra é essa?, relativo a uma obra iniciada ao lado da ciclovia da Diário de Notícias, na zona sul da Capital, pedindo a ajuda dos leitores para desvendar o mistério. No final de outubro, fotografamos um buraco raso, por alguns metros, aberto dias antes por uma retroescavadeira.

Sem placa no local ou funcionários que pudessem dar informações, ligamos para diversas secretarias e empresas para saber o que seria feito ali. Nenhuma soube dizer do que se tratava.

Em meio ao mistério de uma obra inacabada, o blog lançou a sua dúvida na rede e perguntou aos internautas se teriam alguma pista para passar à reportagem. Essse “chamado aberto” aos leitores é conhecido como crowdsourcing, em uma ideia de que o coletivo pode resultar em informações mais precisas.

A prática, claro, ganhou força com a internet. Um dos exemplos mais expressivos é o do jornal The Guardian, que publicou em seu site 458.832 documentos com os gastos dos parlamentares britânicos. Até a tarde desta terça, dia 18, 24.603 internautas já garimparam 215.503 papéis.

Em Zero Hora, você pode já ter percebido esses convites ao público há um tempo — um dos mais recentes, foi o chamado no Twitter (@zerohora) sobre a passagem do Sucatão pelo céu porto-alegrense, no domingo. As respostas dos leitores ganharam espaço na Reportagem Especial da segunda-feira passada.

Com mais de 1,6 mil acessos e 28 palpites no post — dos que sugeriam ser uma obra da Bienal do Mercosul aos ciclistas e pedestres que disputam lugar na via para bicicletas devido à falta de calçada no local —, o ZH Zona Sul realizou uma segunda rodada de ligações, mas o mistério permanece.

Aliás, se tiver uma dica, mande um e-mail para Afinal, esse post também é um chamado aberto.

* Melissa Becker, repórter dos cadernos de Bairros da Zero Hora

On the road

Writing on "freeway"- Photo: Diego Vara

Working on the road - Photo: Diego Vara



For the first time, I used CoverItLive in a coverage for Zero Hora, sharing the task with a colleague. Paulo was at the newsroom, and I reported from one of the main roads to the coast of my State (the “Freeway”). Monday is a bank holiday here in Brazil, so a big traffic jam was expected on Friday night. 

We added informations like if there’re too many cars, about some crashes, how to avoid them and answering user’s questions (check the result). CoverItLive is very easy to use. For the next coverage, some tips about live blogging.